Current 4 Favorite Bloggers

I love hearing about new bloggers from people I follow, so I wanted to put together a list of my current favorite bloggers. I follow dozens of bloggers, but recently I have been loving every new post by these bloggers! If you don't follow some of them, I recommend checking them out and seeing if you like their content too.

Helene from Helene In Between-
I love Helene's blog because her photography is gorgeous, her info is always helpful, and her posts are unique. Her and her husband moved abroad to Germany, and I love seeing their adventures there! 
Helene is great if you like blogging help or travel posts.  

Alicia from Alicia Tenise-
Alicia has great, authentic content, and her photography is always great. Her style is flawless as well, and I am always adding pieces to my wishlist after I see her rocking them. I mainly read her style posts, but her travel content is always great too!

Abigail from Living The Gray Life-
Abigail is also starting her junior year of college, so almost all the content she publishes is super relevant to my life. Her fitness posts are so motivating and inspiring, and they are my favorite to read!  I am ready to get more in shape this year with some of her tips. She also puts out good college content, so if you are also in college, check that out as well. 

I have been reading Carly's blog for at least 5 years, and I will pretty much read anything she publishes. I love that she posts quality content consistently, which is something I always strive to do on The Trendy Chick! Honestly sometimes I don't realize I want to read about a specific topic until I see Carly published about it. Then of course I realize it is something I need to know! She also has the cutest dogs ever, and I love seeing them pop up in posts. 

Who are your current favorite bloggers?
xo, Scarlett


Sit Down With Scarlett: 9.18.17

Since I am starting my third week of classes and starting to get into the groove of school again, I wanted to catch you guys up on what has been happening in my life! September is all pre-scheduled posts besides this one, so it was really nice to sit down and write a blog post again since I haven't in a few weeks!

First things first, this picture is from the new cat cafe that opened in Grand Rapids! If you live near GR, I highly recommend visiting Happy Cat Cafe. I went with my friend on Friday and it was such a fun experience, and the two ladies who worked and volunteered there were so nice. Also, I had been wanting to go to a cat cafe for a long time, (spoiler alert it is one of the things on my new 101 in 1001 list that will be up at the end of the month!) so I was so happy to finally go to one and get to pet cats for an hour! 

Next, let's talk about my living situation. I am living in my first apartment this year, which I was really excited about! I am living with my roommate from freshman and sophomore year, and one of our suitemates from freshman year. AKA two of my really good friends, so I was excited to live with the two of them again. So far, it has been great! I feel so lucky when I hear other friends complaining about their housemates since I can't relate at all.

I also love having a larger space to live in and do not miss the dorms at all. I also don't have a meal plan this year, which means I have had to make my own food. That has honestly been great since I didn't like most of the dining hall food and now I can basically make whatever I want. I have tried a few new recipes which has been fun, but I have also learned to love leftovers a lot more. It is just so much easier to make 3 chicken breasts one night and reheat the same thing the next two days than to cook them separately every day!

My classes are also going pretty well so far. 4 out of the 5 classes I am in currently are speech path classes, so that has been really fun! I really am enjoying 3 of them, which probably shows I am in the right major. My favorite class is probably my child language development class, just because it is so interesting to learn how children do develop language. For a project for that class I had to get a speech sample from a 3 year old, which was such a fun assignment compared to other classes!

I chose not to work this year, which felt kind of weird in the beginning! I felt like I had a lot of free time the first week or two, but now classes are starting to pick up and I am very thankful that I chose to just focus on school this year. Plus, I have a little extra time on my hands to blog, so hopefully posts will be up consistently throughout this semester!

I am also beginning to shadow in the clinic this week! I am so excited because I get to shadow one of my housemates in the clinic, which will be fun and helpful when I have questions. The client I am observing is a child, which is great because I love kids and I think that is the population I want to work with once I graduate. It is also crazy to think that at this time next year I will be the one starting grad school, getting my own clients, and having a younger student shadow me!

If you are in school, how has your semester been going? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett


Fall Bucket List 2017

Fall is my favorite season by far. But as a college student, it can be easy to get so sucked into school that I end up not doing anything I love during the fall. It's no secret that I love making lists to keep me on track (to do lists, bucket lists, my 101 in 1001 list, etc), so I decided to make a new fall bucket list for this fall. This list definitely applies to college students, but it really can be great for anyone!

I am most excited about making some cute fall decor and eating alllll the pumpkin flavored food. 

Do you have anything else that you want to do this fall? I would love to hear your ideas! 
xo, Scarlett


Styling a Denim Skirt

shirt: Gordman's (similar) (similar) // skirt: thrifted (similar) // sandals: Birkenstock // watch: Arvo // necklace: Forever 21 (similar) // wristlet: Carolina Clover (similar)

When I saw that denim skirts were becoming more popular again, I was really happy! I grew up wearing denim skorts (anyone else remember skorts?!) basically every day, so the fact that these are basically the grown up version of that makes the 6-year-old in me very happy. I was never a big fan of the denim skirts with the buttons down the front, so I am glad that those seem to be less popular this season, with these more simple skirts taking center stage. Plain skirts like this are just so versatile, and can be worn with almost any top. Checkout how I got this skirt for just $7 in this post!

My best tip for rocking a denim skirt this season is wearing it with a shirt that can be tucked in, or with a crop top. This will help define your waist a bit more, and you won't get lost under the layers! I also think it looks great with off the shoulder tops like the one I am wearing that are a little more loose, but don't be afraid to try it with tighter tops as well.

You can also pair it with a belt to add a bold accessory. I am still trying to find the perfect belt to go with mine, but I need to find one since the skirt I got it slightly too big in the waist. It still looks really cute, so I am completely happy with it, but a belt would be practical and cute. I am also so excited to continue to style it as we move into fall! There are just so many possibilities with a denim skirt, and I love how it makes any outfit a bit more dressier than just normal jeans would.

Do you have a denim skirt? How do you wear your skirt? Share in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett


What To Do During A Tech-Free Weekend

We all know that it is 2017 and we are pretty dependent on our devices and technology. It makes our lives so much easier, but it also can add in so many distractions. Back in elementary school before I had any of my own devices, I used to spend hours playing outside with my BFF and neighbor, and I would read a few books each week because that was what I did during my spare time. Tech-free weekends have been getting a lot of chatter recently, and I wanted to join in on the challenge. It is definitely a challenge to be off your devices for even a few hours, but it is also very shocking to see how attached we are to them.

Sometime in the last year, I did a tech-free day. For me, this just means not using my phone and computer but if you watch a lot of TV you will probably want to include that as well. I remember that day I ended up being really productive, and I ended the day feeling relaxed and happy. One of the goals on my new 101 in 1001 list is to have a tech-free weekend. This is really hard when I am in school since so many of my assignments are on my computer. I will most likely end up doing it on a break or next summer due to this. But I also realized I will need to go into it with a plan on what to do during all of my free time!

1. Go on a hike
2. Go on a bike ride
3. Play a sport
4. Read a book
5. Organize your closet
6. Clean your house
7. Try a new restaurant in town
8. Make a new recipe (but use a cookbook or print it out ahead of time!)
9. Go bowling
10. Play mini golf
11. Go on a picnic
12. Do a DIY project
13. Paint something
14. Plan for the week ahead (meals, outfits, etc.)
15. Go to the beach or a lake (or ice skating or sledding if it is winter!)
16. Catch up with a friend in person
17. Go to a museum or festival
18. Find someplace in town you have never been to before
19. Go stargazing
20. Have a barbecue
21. Journal
22. Play with your pets or kids
23. Organize photos or make a scrapbook
24. Paint your nails
25. Practice a new hair style
26. If you play an instrument, practice a song you know
27. Clean out your desk
28. Go to a local farmer's market
29. Find the best donuts in town (or ice cream, cookies, etc.)
30. Take a bubble bath
31. Work on your bullet journal (if you don't have one and want to start, checkout my tips!)
32. Go for a drive
33. Teach your pet a new trick
34. Color in a coloring book
35. Do a puzzle

Do you have any other ideas that don't involve your phone, computer, or TV? Share in the comments!
xo, Scarlett


Recently Reading: August 2017

original image via Design Love Fest

This month I have been busy with packing, saying goodbye to friends, and trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer! This means I only read 4 books, but I am definitely okay with that since I have read about 25 total for the summer! I am also hoping to read at least one book each month during the school year, but I know once I get busy that will be hard. 

Anyways, here are the four books I read this month and what I thought of them!

The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson-
I mentioned in my last Recently Reading post that I had read 13 Little Blue Envelopes and I would be reading this one too. Overall I liked this book, and the characters were more developed in the sequel which was good. This book didn't have the Europe cities charm that was in the first book though, so that was a slight bummer. Still, this was a quick-paced book that makes a pretty good summer read.

The Running Dream by Wendell Van Draanen- 
This novel was a quick read, but one that was inspiring. It is fiction, but it is based loosely on a true story. It reminded me of Wonder in the way that it focused on how one character had to overcome a challenge. It was written very well too, and I honestly kept having to remind myself that it was a fiction story because it seemed very real at times!

Into the Water: A Novel by Paula Hawkins-
This one took me a long time to get into. It took me over a week to read the first 30% of the book, but then I read the remaining 70% within two days. I read Paula Hawkins' other popular book, The Girl on the Train, a few years ago, and I remember liking it more than this one. While this one was good once I got into it, I just didn't find the first half too thrilling. It also had many characters, and many different perspectives. In the beginning I was very confused by so many characters and it was difficult to keep them all straight. If you haven't read The Girl on the Train, I would recommend reading it first since it focused more on fewer characters and it was more suspenseful!

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware-
This was my favorite book that I read this month. It only took me two days to get through because I was hooked from the very beginning! Ruth Ware also wrote The Woman in Cabin 10, which got a lot of hype last year, and I read it last spring. I remember I read that book in one sitting... so needless to say I am officially a Ruth Ware fan now! She also has a book called The Lying Game out, so I will be reading that one as soon as I can get it from the library.

What books have you read recently? Share in the comments so I can get some new books to read this semester!
xo, Scarlett


September 2017 Bullet Journal Layout

Since I have gotten good feedback from my previous bullet journal posts, I wanted to share my spread for September too! I was so excited to be able to do a theme that was fall related. Fall is my favorite season, so I can't wait to do all the fun fall things!

I am SO happy with how my monthly cover turned out. I loosely based it off of one that I had seen off of Pinterest, but I also added a few touches of my own in. Is it bad that I kind of want to do a similar thing for October's spread too?!

 Next I put my gratitude list. If you want to read into the design on this page, I thought that the basket of apples could be a metaphor for the basket full of things I am grateful for. But mainly I just loved how the basket of apples screamed fall! Then I searched grateful quotes on Pinterest and found this one that I liked!

Then I have my habit tracker and my goals on the next page. My habits are the same as they were last month, except I added "read 10 minutes" to it. I know that once I am back at school, I barely ever read for fun. Hopefully this way I can get in a few minutes every day and finish at least one book each month! I also still need to come up with my goals, and I am not quite sure what my first month of school goals should be... maybe something to do with successful cooking or an organized apartment lol!

Then finally I have my expenses page. This is one I added in last month, and I really liked it because I was able to see how much I was spending and on what. I kept this page pretty simple because it is a page that I won't be using daily and I wanted to focus on making it useful instead of pretty.

Do you have a bullet journal? If not, would you ever start one? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett